Reimagining Rooftop Solar To Be More Profitable For Commercial & Industrial Buildings


Delivering the Lowest Cost of Energy on Rooftops

Commercial roofstop solar needs a new approach. While solar investment grows, commercial building owners are among the last to recognize the incredible value of their rooftop. Our new take on a proven technology is here to change that.

PV Booster is the first tracking system designed for rooftops to deliver the maximum return on investment for commercial building owners. Utilities have been using this technology for decades to unlock the full potential of their solar power plants and produce the lowest cost of energy on the planet. This is the power company’s best kept secret.

We’ve reimagined commercial roof solar to use less equipment and deliver more value providing building owners the lowest cost of renewable energy available and solar providers a secret weapon to win more rooftop solar projects.


The Most Powerful Rack in Commercial Solar


Why PV Booster

  • Designed for flat rooftops to increase commercial building value by $10-20/sqft

  • 30° tilted tracking provides up to 70% more energy to shrink project costs

  • Use as little as half the equipment to build projects faster and cheaper than ordinary fixed rooftop racking

  • Simple, strong, and reliable design certified by CSA and rigorously tested to UL 3703 standards

  • Built-in intelligence makes PV Booster easy to operate and maintain for decades


Compare PV Booster

We compared PV Booster to ordinary fixed mounted racking on a commercial rooftop to demonstrate the benefits of tracking the sun to your client’s bottom line.

For a detailed analysis of your project, please contact us.

Project Comparison Graphic 1.5.png
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