Here are some videos including the launch of our Gen1 tracker before further improving and advancing our technology to the new PV Booster™ Gen2 Tracker with HelioPoint™ software. We’ve also posted several Webinars in our Articles section. Videos currently in development include installation step-by-step, customer testimonials, event keynotes by members of our leadership team, and more.


Below is a video of our Founder, Bill Gross, on the TED stage talking about why startups succeed — that philosophy has of course guided every step of Point Load Power’s development, growth and success to date. Also a video of our Bill Gates backed sister company Heliogen, with whom we developed our sun tracking technology. In it, Bill describes his vision for realizing the value of clean energy … a vision we share with Heliogen and EnergyVault in the trio of Idealab-launched companies set to deliver on the promise at scale.