PV Booster -The most powerful rack for commercial rooftops

What is PV Booster?

Unlike anything on the market, PV Booster is a single axis tracker designed for commercial building rooftops. A tested and proven technology, tracking dominates the ground mounted solar market and is finally available for flat commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftops.

PV Booster’s unique tracking geometry:

  • Produces peak power all day long, maximizing the value of every solar panel

  • Lowers the cost of energy by fully utilizing every piece of solar equipment you buy

  • Optimized for bifacial panels by design

Each tracker supports one standard 72-cell solar panel and follows the sun all day long using a vertical-axis tracking mechanism. PV Booster is always tilted at 30 degrees AND tracks solar azimuth, the hourly East-West position of the sun. Both the tracking motion and the aggressive tilt of PV Booster outperforms ordinary fixed rooftop racking individually, when combined, these features generate exponentially more energy per panel which means more value for building owners and solar investors.

PV Booster Benefits/ Tracking Solar Benefits

PV Booster Features

PV Booster Tripod - Strong, Sturdy, Secure

PV Booster’s support structure is a robust tripod. Extremely lightweight, PV Booster adds less than 2#’s/sqft additional deadload. Three non-penetrating feet distribute downforces safely. One mechanical attachment resists winds up to 100 mph. No leveling required.

PV Booster Tripod Base

PV Booster Actuator - Low Power, Long Life

The brains behind PV Booster is the low power actuator. This proven technology exceeded 450 years of operation in accelerated life tests. Powered by a 12V direct drive brushless motor, PV Booster is designed to resist coastal environments, erratic temperature changes, and moisture.

PV Booster Actuator.png

PV Booster H-Frame - Simple Support

Always tilted at 30 degrees, PV Booster gets the most energy out of standard, framed 72-cell modules. The minimal structure is designed to enhance front side performance AND bifacial energy production. PV Booster’s galvanized steel H-Frame will withstand any environment for the life of the system.

PV Booster H Frame.png
Fisheye PV Booster.jpg