PV Booster™ solar projects deliver as much as 70% more revenue per panel compared to ordinary fixed-tilt racks. See the power for yourself. 

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Every $1 of new Net Operating Income (NOI) creates $17 in additional real estate equity value for building owners.  70% more revenue per panel means $29 of new real estate value from the same number of solar panels installed on your roof. 

One Southern California real estate developer used PV Booster to unlock $6.4 million of new real estate value from his idle rooftop asset while attracting a Fortune 1,000 tenant in the process.

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Powerful financial performance delivered with less weight per square foot are the new economics we expect from rooftop solar.

Benefits to Owners include:

  • New Net Operating Income (NOI) & Increased Property Value

  • Increased Rentability For Current & Future Tenants

  • More Resilient Rental Income & Increased Rental (And Renewal) Rates


Fortune 1,000 businesses see the power in doing more with less.  PV Booster solar projects deliver 70% more revenue per panel and require 50% fewer panels (and capital) to complete your rooftop solar project.

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This frees up budget to further improve the performance and resiliency of your building with integrated solutions like battery storage, or currently planned (and often needed) upgrades such as a roofing, building controls / automation, LED lighting and HVAC retrofits, and more.

Benefits to Occupants include:

  • Meet & Exceed Corporate Sustainability Goals

  • Meaningfully Lower Operating Costs with Less CAPEX

  • Future Proof Business Interruption Risks

Our team has helped other forward-thinking corporations in sectors including food production and distribution, aerospace and defense, higher education, and national retail, navigate the complex ecosystem of clean energy technology and project integrators to successfully realize the new economics of rooftop solar.


Successful projects start with successful project experience. As developers by background, we understand project needs from start to finish and support your solar projects as needed, every step of the way. We created a suite of supporting guides, manuals and collateral created by integrators for integrators. These include comprehensive guidance and best practices for project evaluation, design, installation, performance modeling, O&M and more… everything you need to develop, install, and operate a PV Booster system.