Tool: The PV Booster Buying Process

The Point Load Power “Buying Process”  is comprised of 3 thoughtfully planned steps, meant to guide customers through the buying process of PV Booster. By reviewing our Buying Process, project stakeholders are aware of upcoming steps and deliverables, and get a better understanding of how the Point Load Power team does business.


The first meeting a customer has with Point Load Power is called the Introduction Meeting. These meetings last 30 minutes and their purpose is to discover if PV Booster rooftop tracker could be a good fit for your company and the commercial rooftop projects you build.

In this meeting our goal is to find out more about each other and review:

  • PV Booster product information

  • Project Comparison

  • Case Studies using PV Booster

Before attending the introduction meeting, customers are encouraged to check out our virtual showroom and review frequently asked questions about PV Booster.  At the end we will discuss a potential project you would like to see with PV Booster for an exact look at how our product could help enhance the project for you and your client. Shortly after we will send a NDA so you can exchange project information with confidence.

project evaluation

In the project evaluation meeting stakeholders and the Point Load Power team review the first draft of a proposal and discuss details about the project such as timing, cost considerations, and due diligence requirements. It is recommended that all decision makers and stakeholders attend the Proposal Review meeting to ask any questions they have.

Once we receive an address and any project considerations, our business development team will create a PV Booster proposal including:

  • a site layout using Helioscope

  • a performance production report using PV Syst

  • a budget

  • a financial proforma which we will review with stakeholders during this meeting.

Artboard 1.png

During this meeting we will answer all questions about this proposal in this meeting so we are on the same page about PV Booster’s value proposition for you and your customer. Following this meeting, we will create a password protected data room which includes technical resources such as: our Installation Manual, Best Practices Engineering and Design Guide, our O&M guide, our Product Reliability Report, and everything you need to understand PV Booster from design to operations.

Product due diligence

After providing access to the data room for you and your organization, you can begin product evaluation of PV Booster’s technical resources. In this last stage of the buying process stakeholders will review all materials and ask any questions they have about how PV Booster will impact their project. Any revisions that need to be made to the project proposal can be requested at this time. After all proposal revisions are made, Point Load Power will issue you a final quote for review including our warranty and Terms and Conditions for Sale. Once accepted the customer will issue a matching purchase order and we will get started on delivering your order for your project.

Renee Holden